How To WhatsApp for your Business

Learning how to Whatsapp and boost your small business brand online is an important part of your Whatsapp marketing. In order to understand how Whatsapp increases your ability to communicate, there’s just a few factors to consider. Opening a Whatsapp account basically enables you to join the half billion monthly users, and creates new ways for you to interact with others.

When you communicate with your friends and family, chances are you also use messaging in conjunction with email or just calling them. The use of your smartphone or mobile device is just another way that Whatsapp marketing can improve and expand your brand. In fact messaging and SMS messages have reached an all time high. According to a report released from Business Insider in 2015, text messaging surpassed social networks as a primary means of communication. Here’s just a few ways to learn how to Whatsapp for your marketing in your small business.

How to Whatsapp and increase revenue

First things first – Open a Whatsapp account and register a new number that will serve as your businesses primary way to communicate. If you have a website and intend on integrating Whatsapp marketing software such as WhatsAPI, it’s best to use a new number and not a personal one.

Find the right Whatsapp marketing software – There are many scripts as well as a variety of Whatsapp bot that you can use to get your message out there. Web based Whatsapp programs can help you open a real time chat with your perspective customer or website user.

Choose a channel – Whatsapp channels are good ways for you to capitalize and increase the efficiency of your Whatsapp marketing campaign. Find the niche and choose from the right Whatsapp channels to help create that bond that’s so vital to your business.

Improve your service – Improving products and services over time is essential for businesses to stay relevant in the market. But most customer feedback systems are not engaging enough to get sufficient qualified feedback. Use the right Whatsapp SMS message to get the right level of feedback for your company.

Increase revenue – There are many different ways to convert leads to sales through the right web based Whatsapp application. Innovative use of Whatsapp SMS messages can help your users quickly and easily order what they need. Your users can ask questions, order products and learn how to use them through the personal assistance that can be provided through Whatsapp SMS messages.

Personal Service – Every customer has different needs. As a small business owner you know this and there’s no better way to personalize your service than through a Whatsapp SMS message. When your users and customers have a high satisfaction rate, your business will profit through these long term relationships. Learn how to Whatsapp to give your customers this kind of personal touch.

Fast and Efficient – Instead of having a customer phone number and hotline, your customers can quickly and easily contact you with whatever they need. This real time interaction gives your company the added level of service that many businesses lack. Resolve customer issues and get your customers the service and support they need.