Making the most of Whatsapp features

Making the most of Whatsapp features 

At its core, Whatsapp is on the surface an effective and easy to use online messaging service. Being unlimited by the reach and the carrier of mobile phones in question, it gives international users a way to communicate. This goes well beyond the reach of modern carriers and doesn't require you to use SMS messaging. If you are looking to expand your business advertising and include Whatsapp marketing, you should spend some time to learn about Whatsapp features that help you.

Although some of these Whatsapp features may seem as though they are obvious, you may be surprised that most people don't take advantage. So before you begin to create a Whatsapp account and Whatsapp login id, here's a few of the ways that Whatsapp features can work for you.

Benefits of Whatsapp features

Robust word count - Many marketing companies that use Facebook, Twitter and the like are surprised to see that there's way more to Whatsapp messages. With over 4000 words in each available Whatsapp message, you can take full advantage from the basic word count.

Don't be afraid to be a little more verbose than most of your social networking messages either. This kind of flexibility makes sure that you can get your message across to the people you want to hear it.

Mass Whatsapp messages - There are many Whatsapp services like the one at that can help you send messages en masse. This helps you get your business news out and can create on the spot revenue from boosting your posts and business. Quickly and easily promote product launches or a sale to get customers connected to your brand. 

You can easily promote coupons and discount codes to help those who are on the fence about your company. Because mass Whatsapp messages can help you narrow down your reach, you'll be able to discover and grow your brand that much more.

User database - Whereas many Whatsapp services require you to maintain your own database of user contacts and customers, you can find the best Whatsapp features at Their solution allows you to quickly and easily catalog users and contacts so that you can get back to the important part of your Whatsapp marketing.

Because you'll be dealing with different countries, country codes and prefixes, it can become a full time job in and of itself. That's why the best Whatsapp services will include tools to help you manage all of your business contacts in an automated way.

Save money and time by turning to the professionals at today. You'll be able to take full advantage of the Whatsapp features at your disposal and develop a winning whatsapp marketing strategy that can help you elevate your profits. Learn all about the unique Whatsapp features available at their online website See how easy it is to develop the right Whatsapp marketing plan and implement the Whatsapp online tool to help grow your brand now.