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If you have an online company, at this point you already know that email market and email marketing strategies are the fastest and most effective. This is because messages can be sent to thousands of users and you are put in direct contact with them. There is also the advantage of segmenting these users into different contact lists when organizing mass mailing marketing and sms marketing campaigns with the objective of improving conversion rates. However, one of the most recent strategies being experimented with is the implementation of video marketing campaigns through mass marketing apps. The reason behind this is that this type of content requires less effort from the spectator and is therefore the easiest way to generate engagement among existing customers and prospective clients. Greater user engagement in turn leads to more successful marketing campaigns and more sales. Moreover, according to research, a viewer who sees an explicit or promotional video about a product is two times more likely to purchase it and share it on social media than he is when reached by means of conventional mass sms texts and emails. Because of this, viral videos are a very effective way of engaging customers and increasing sales for any business by means of more viral marketing campaigns.

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What happens if we combine strategies?

We may get to the most effective strategy that exists at this moment. By sending mass messages of viral videos, we can directly reach thousands of users, because the reality is that the majority of people have their phones with them at all times. Often a user is too lazy to look at a message but will generally always be willing to watch a video. As we know, videos are thought of as a very entertaining for of media. So then, if we continue to create original videos that our users enjoy, the conversion rate of our marketing campaigns and subsequent sales of our products or events can increase drastically. Even more, video content does extremely well on social media, and will be that much easier to share.

All this can be done thanks to new whatsapp bulk messaging software, a truly outstanding viral marketing software among many other marketing software programs. Thanks to this bulk whatsapp marketing software you can now send bulk messages on whatsapp with viral videos for a very affordable rate. But that’s not all, as you can now import your on client database into the software for communicating your most important messages to your existing audience. You may also generate your own contact lists of whatsapp users´mobile numbers using the whatsapp contacts filter software. Furthermore, you may decide to segment your public according to geographical location, for example the city or region to which they belong within a specific country by means of using whatsapp mobile number area codes specific to those geographical regions. In this way, you will know who your messages are directed at and can be sure that they will be interested in your product. This will ensure that your campaigns are more effective.

So why are you waiting to get our whatsapp bulk messaging software and increase your company sales? Contact us directly through our website: with some basic information about your viral marketing campaign strategy and we will put you in contact with some of our favorite video professionals who can help you personalize your video message and make your whatsapp mass messaging campaign 100% more viral and effective. We will also show you how to send bulk messages on whatsapp using our whatsapp bulk sender tool so that you can start your whatsapp bulk marketing campaign in no time.

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