How Journalists Can Benefit From Whatsapp Bulk Messaging Software

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Whatsapp Mass Text Message App

We can all name at least one marketing campaign that has struck a chord in our memory. Taglines that have come to mind quicker than the brand name itself, mascots that have a wider fan base than the name it represents, and the catchy advertisement jingles we are caught humming at the most unexpected moments­– these are all signs of effective marketing, and companies know it.

With the advent of technology and social media in the modern man’s world, marketing campaigns are no longer only sought after by businesses or individuals interested in turning a profit. It has increasingly become a crucial aspect in journalism, and while ethical, right-minded journalists do not explicitly attempt to market products or advertise a particular stance on issues, journalists do take advantage of social media platforms to share groundbreaking stories with the public and receive feedback on them.

While Twitter and Facebook are some of the first few places journalists would utilize to share their accurately reported stories, a widely overlooked option that is the Whatsapp mass text message app can generate more hits and attention to the journalist’s well-produced piece.

mass text message app bulk marketing service whatsapp

As a mobile messaging application that allows anyone with access to the Internet to exchange messages without the hefty costs of SMS, WhatsApp is the perfect yet inconspicuous platform for journalists to reach an untapped audience base. Companies such as Klik Chocolate and Absolut Vodka have successfully used this bulk mobile marketing software built specifically for WhatsApp to execute their bulk marketing campaigns, and journalists can do it with their stories too.

The WhatsApp mass text message app allows for journalists employing the software to send all kinds of media to their audience. From audios to videos to specific locations on the map; as the journalist, you get to choose the kind of content you want to use to attract your targeted audience to the main story. Unlike Twitter and Facebook and other social media marketing tools where your news sharing is likely to slip through the many updates your subscribers are exposed to every minute of the day, the WhatsApp mass messenger software allows for your updates to reach directly to our audience´s phones. Without the distraction of other unrelated and menial updates, your readers can truly experience the depth of the stories you have produced.

As a journalist, it is crucial that your stories reach the right audience. Whether your piece is curated for the local community or for a broader demographic, the WhatsApp mass messenger software can help you tailor these marketing needs. With geographical targeting, this software can be adjusted and tweaked at any given moment to include particular zip codes/geographical regions wherein your links, texts or images will be shared. Rather than throwing the story you’ve carefully worked on into the vast Internet world, with this software, your story can impact its rightful audience the way it should. And the reach of its scope continues to be global.

The world changes with time and the people living in it do too. Common social media platforms and conventional mass text messaging applications are no longer entirely adequate for journalists to reach out to an audience that is increasingly mobile, global and more diversified. Newer, more viable options are available for journalists now, and by utilizing them, we can unleash our fullest potential as journalists.

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