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In the last years, there has been an incredible increase in the use of smart phones. This has in turn produced an incredible growth in internet use through these devices. And, as there was no other option, businesses have not been indifferent to this growth, but have begun to utilize sms marketing as an important strategy to capture the attention of their clients and increase sales. These strategies are very useful when it comes to directly informing users about sales, promotions, and new company releases. They report great benefits when implemented in an efficient manner.
However, since WhatsApp appeared in January of 2009, text messages have been relegated to the background. This is because this mass text messaging service allows people to send instant messages complete free of charge. In fact, even more people are using the app daily to communicate with their friends, so much so, that by August of 2014, it had reached nearly 600 million users. This tool has great potential to help businesses gain better results.

To make things easier, several whatsapp marketing software have been developed through which businesses have send mass messages on behalf of their clients or sold their own desktop software so their clients can manage their own marketing campaigns. This platform has turned out to be very effective for advertising campaigns in countries with high whatsapp penetration such as Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Brazil since the majority of clients already use the app. Just in Mexico, 84% of those with smart phones use WhatsApp daily. This means that communication is as direct as with the use of sms marketing strategies and potentially even more personal. This generates more confidence with users as they have an immediate way to communicate with businesses on a different level where they may be more inclined to interact further with the message received.

SMS vs Whatsapp – Which is the Best Mass Text Messaging Service?

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But in addition to this close connection, WhatsApp Mass Messenger allows you to send messages in different formats: text, audio, photos, and videos. With such, it is possible to personalize the message and make it more attractive. You should know that users are more receptive to audio and visual content than they are to just text. Users will remember these messages more easily and your message will stick in the minds of your potential clients for a longer period of time.

Whatsapp bulk marketing is not entirely free however. While the application is free for users, businesses, entrepreneurs and overall marketing agencies that require to reach large audiences using any bulk whatsapp software need to invest in whatsapp channels. Channels are nothing more than mobile numbers that are registered with whatsapp and that are used for sending mass messages to contacts lists of existing customers or prospective clients, for example. Fortunately for whatsapp mobile marketing enthusiasts the costs per message sent after accounting for the cost of channels is still lower than sms marketing messages. And the complimentary tool to the whatsapp bulk sender, the Contacts and Tracking Filter software allows one to find an unlimited number of whatsapp mobile users based on mobile area codes with ease such that the costs of acquiring leads is almost non-existent, something which greatly enhances the appeal of this alternative to sms marketing.

So then, the advantages of whatsApp bulk marketing over mass SMS strategies are very clear. So why are you waiting to start using WhatsApp Marketing and increase your sales in no time?

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