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Mass Text Messaging Service

In this day and age, practically all businesses need to improve communication with their current clients or potential future clients. The majority of these businesses have difficulties in capturing the attention of consumers as they already have significant information and are very competent.

Additionally, mobile phones and tables are being used more than ever and because of this, businesses must establish a method of mobile communication with their clients.

Why is WhatsApp an efficient form of communication?

WhatsApp offers a wide variety of benefits for businesses:
• Speed: WhatsApp is one of the fastest and most interesting ways to communicate and a favorite among all instant messenger apps.
• Open Rate: WhatsApp have a high open rate while emails have a relatively low ratio.
• Use Frequency: Whatsapp users review their messages many times during the day. According to some experts, this can be up to 100 times a day.
• Quality of Communication: Many businesses currently evaluating the use of whatsapp bulk marketing software for their mass marketing campaigns confirm that inquiries acquired through whatsapp instant messenger are of a higher quality than the inquiries acquired through Email or other text message marketing tool.
This is because customers are more engaged by the content shared through an application which has become very familiar to them. Because of this small businesses and marketing agencies have started to look at whatsapp bulk marketing software applications more favorably for sending their mass marketing campaigns over other direct marketing software including mass email and mass sms sender software.
• Preferred Channel by Consumers: From the perspective of consumers, it is easier and simpler to send a message through whatsapp instant messenger than by calling or emailing them.

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Use of WhatsApp in society and daily life
In this list, you can see some of the interesting ways that different organizations use WhatsApp:

• Rescue teams use WhatsApp in the mountains of Madrid
• In Asturias, Spain, deaf individuals use it to send news through written messages.
• In India, the police use WhatsApp to better communicate with their citizens. I believe that this will happen more often in Spain and Latino countries in the future.

Which businesses are currently utilizing WhatsApp Marketing?
I personally believe that in fall of 2014 and during 2015, a large number of businesses began to use WhatsApp as a communication channel mostly because consumers prefer this to making a call or sending an email.

In this list, you’ll find a few of the sectors that are already using WhatsApp.
• Use of WhatsApp in the banking sector: Openbank is the first bank that allows clients to contact them through whatsapp instant messenger.
• Use of WhatsApp in the tourism sector: The Barceló Illetas Albatros hotel in Mallorca, España offers an exclusive service to their guest where they can communicate with the hotel instantly during their stay. This is an excellent example of how to differentiate yourself and offer something totally new to your clients.
• Use of WhatsApp in Media and Communications: Communication methods need to be innovative and find new ways to capture the attention of consumers. One good example is Radio Intereconomia who use WhatsApp Marketing to keep a broadcast lists so clients can stay updated on economic news. In Latin America, many media groups will begin offering a similar mass text messaging service in the future. A few days ago, the El Dia de Argentina newspaper began a service where their readers can communicate with journalists through WhatsApp.
• Use of WhatsApp for online stores and E-commerce: There are already many online stores that announce on their page that a client can place an order through instant messaging programs. This option builds confidence with your client and also makes it easier to stay in contact after the order.
• Use of WhatsApp for SMEs: All kinds of SMEs are beginning to use WhatsApp as a communication channel for current clients. Web ecommerce is also beginning to use it as a fast and instant mode of communication for clients. Personally, I think whatsapp instant messenger is a secret weapon for SMEs that want to be continually innovating and differentiating themselves from the competition.
Additionally, many businesses that have a commercial network often use WhatsApp groups to facilitate communication between workers. These are just a few of the examples of how businesses use WhatsApp. Obviously, there are many more uses for WhatsApp Marketing, all of which can greatly benefit all types of businesses.

Successful Cases of WhatsApp Marketing
Additionally, a great opportunity exists for businesses who can assess and educate companies on the correct uses of WhatsApp Marketing. Obviously, companies will make lots of mistakes when first employing WhatsApp Marketing and therefore, there is a real need for these services.
A few of the most common errors I see are:
• Incorrect use of groups
• Incorrect use of mailing lists
• Lack of planning for establishing communication
• Impulsive or incorrect use of the tool
Here you can read the commentary of one of my clients who already uses WhatsApp to communicate with clients as well as various consultants who assess business that utilize WhatsApp Marketing.
“80% of communication in our business is done through WhatsApp. It helps us to gain the trust of our clients and offers them a personalized service which is what WhatsApp provides. We wouldn’t be able to complete all of our activities without it and I recommend it to all SMEs who want to increase their number of clients.” Montse Suárez, Mallorca, España

“I currently use WhatsApp Marketing techniques for one of my clients that has an online wine store. They currently receive orders through the app and it seems to be an effective resource for their company. Personally, I think WhatsApp is the fastest and most effective system in the world. I am now using it to help my clients promote events and it already works better than Facebook. It has helped me stand apart as a consultant” Albert Hatero, Barcelona, España

Right now, the market potential when working with WhatsApp is extraordinary and you have many perfect occasions to reclaim your part of the boom that marketing is experiencing related to instant messaging.
Now it’s up to you. Have you seen the examples of communicating with WhatsApp? And what do you think of this opportunity?

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