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WhatsApp Wiki: A Complete Mass Marketing Solution

WhatsApp messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that in addition to text messaging, allows users to send and receive images, audio and video media messages. Read our short but comprehensive WhatsApp wiki article to learn all you need to know about our popular software!

Today, WhatsApp is used by several millions of people as a replacement to the conventional SMS and the instant messenger processes about ten billion messages per day. WhatsApp messenger is easy to setup and supports almost every mobile operating system out there – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia Asha and Symbian devices. A perfect tool for marketing!

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is a great tool for messaging friends; the instant messenger can however be used as a tool for mass marketing. The app is free and can serve as a strong mass marketing platform with the potential of bringing more clients to your business.

As a business owner, the need to do mass marketing campaign for your business cannot be overemphasized. Wider reach, larger profit!

How then can WhatApp be used for mass marketing?

In this regard, we introduce to you a unique software that helps your business to reach thousands (or millions) of people right through their smartphones.


WhatsApp Mass Messenger is a unique and professional software that enables social marketers to build and effectively manage a list of potential customers through targeted WhatsApp campaigns. The software does just exactly what the main WhatsApp does – sending all text and media files (including location info) plus additional features such as:

  • Custom Channels
  • Vcard with your website URL/Phone number
  • Blacklist
  • Personalized inbox for organizing and responding to received messages
  • Campaign list
  • Active channel log
  • One-click profile picture and status message for channels

Imagine the time it would take you to reach all of your contacts and more if you were to send a promotional text manually. Sit back, let’s get it automated! With WhatsApp Mass Messenger software, you can reach even more people with a click.

The package allows you to customize your message, send reminders, promote offers and ultimately bag new clients.

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Additionally, the software allows you to filter all your imported mobile numbers to indicate those that have not been registered for WhatsApp and saves the other group of registered numbers in a txt or csv file. It will also sort the numbers and further generate lists with area codes. For tracking purposes, the software allows you to check the ‘Last Seen’ status of these filtered WhatsApp contacts while it displays their individual profiles upon request.

WhatsApp Mass Messenger Software makes it easy for anyone to fully utilize the power of WhatsApp channels. Channels in this regard are active mobile numbers that get registered with WhatsApp. Let’s say each time a user registers his/her number with WhatsApp, an associating string (password) is generated on WhatsApp’s server. The combination of these numbers and respective passwords makes a channel.

It is however recommended that a limit of 9 messages per day for a channel should be followed to avoid being blocked by the service.


The software enables you to:

  • Promote Product Launches
  • Promote Music Concerts
  • Send Coupon Codes/Discounts to Customers
  • Share business card and location details
  • Send App download links and more…

With over 700,000 messages sent with WhatsApp Mass Messenger, you can’t go any wrong using this software to successfully promote your business campaign.


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